Below is a table of contents for pages written here about the Mandelbrot set and its associated Julia sets. There are many other pages on the web on these topics. It is easy to see why. The subject, while reasonably advanced, is easy to get into, and the pictures of the various objects are among the most flamboyantly beautiful to come from mathematics. We are adding our two cents partly as practice with putting things on the web, and partly to fulfill our function as a mathematics department and get some mathematical information out there.

The pages in the first part below contain many embedded images. This renders the pages almost useless to text only browsers. We do not feel to sorry about this since these pages were motivated to a large extent by the images. The embedded images also cause the transmission of the pages to be somewhat slow, although this is mitigated by the fact that the embedded images are small. Most are under 2000 bytes. The embedded images are the informative ones and are in black and white, so a black and white screen is sufficient to follow the narrative.

The pages also contain links to many non-embedded images. Some of these are enlargements or details of the black and white embedded images. These non-embedded images are in color and are larger. A color screen is necessary to appreciate them. They range from several thousand bytes, to several hundred thousand bytes and will take significantly longer to download. They are there for information and also for enjoyment.

  1. What is the Mandelbrot set?
    1. Page I - Iterated functions
      (one embedded image).
    2. Page II - Some Julia sets
      (14 embedded images).
    3. Page III - More Julia sets
      (10 embedded images).
    4. Page IV - A sequence of Julia sets
      (12 embedded images).
    5. Page V - The shape of the Mandelbrot set
      (6 embedded images).
    6. Page VI - The shape of Julia sets
      (9 embedded images).
  2. The significance of the Mandelbrot set.
  3. A catalog of images of the Mandelbrot set (23 embedded color images).
  4. Other pages on the Mandelbrot set.

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