Calculus I: Tests

Sample tests: This link contains copies of tests that have been given in the past in Math 221 at Binghamton. These may not be as helpful as you might think, since different books present the material in different orders. In general, the later in the semester you use this, the more likely it is to be of help.

WARNING: These tests were given in the past, by different instructors, using different versions of the text, at different stages of the semester. We are simply making them available as extra study material, to illustrate the type and level of question that may appear on tests this semester. You should NOT expect the questions on your test to be restricted to the precise type of questions that you find on the samples.

The tests from 1999 were 60 minute tests based on an older version of Stewart, with a different syllabus. The tests for 2003 through Spring 2005 were 90 minute tests based on Anton Schick's class notes, and use a number of technical definitions which are not covered in Stewart. The tests for 2006-2008 were given when the text was the Schaum Outline; there were several topics covered in those semesters which are not covered now that we are using the latest edition of Stewart. If something is totally unfamiliar then it probably isn't something you need to know.

Some of the tests include solutions. There may be mistakes in the solutions. If you think you have found one, discuss it with your TA or instructor.

The University defines a conflict for a final exam to be another exam scheduled at the same time or a total of three exams in a 24 hour period. We will schedule any makeup exams on the Friday of Exam Week, though we strongly encourage you to arrange something with the non-math instructor instead.

You must contact your instructor directly in case of a conflict.

Students with disabilities: We are committed to full and equitable access for all enrolled students. To request accommodations based on a disability you must register with Services for Students with Disabilities in LH B-51 (777-2686). If you bring an Academic Accommodation Memo from Services for Students with Disabilities to your instructor then you will receive appropriate accommodations on all graded course quizzes and tests.

You should also send email to your instructor by the Monday before the test so that we can make any special arrangements, including scheduling extra time if necessary.

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