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Seaway Section of MAA

Fall 2006 Business Meeting Minutes

MAA Fall 2004 Business Meeting at Canisius College

MAA Fall 2006 Business Meeting at Marist College

By Leonard T. Malinowski


The business meeting was the first formal session on Saturday morning October 14th of the joint meeting with the MAA Metropolitan Section. Gary Towsley called the meeting to order.The minutes of the fall 2006 meeting at Ithaca College and the Treasurerís report were approved as they appeared in the Seaway Current.


The sectionís Governor, Robert Rogers, stated that there will be a formal opening in October of the Carriage House in Washington.The national organization is asking for suggestions to optimize the role of the section governors.One suggestion is to allow a section governor to have two consecutive terms.Currently, a governor cannot have two consecutive terms in office. The reason for the suggestion is that the governor appears to completely understanding his role at the end of a three year term.Having the ability to serve two consecutive terms would greatly contribute to the governorís ability to represent a section.


Dawn Jones thanked the members of the joint organizing committee for the meeting at Marist College.Specifically, she wanted to thank Dan King and Margaret Morrow for their help with organizing the program.A very special thank you goes to Joe Kirtland, who was the site coordinator at Marist College.


Future meeting dates and locations are April 27th-28th, 2007 at SUNY at Oneonta and fall 2007 at Monroe Community College with the dates to be announced.Postcards no longer will be mailed to section members to announce the section meetings and the availability of the Seaway Current on-line.The notification of section meetings and the Seaway Current will be sent by email to members using the mailing services of the national headquarters.During the year of transition to electronic version of the Seaway Current only three members had requested paper copies.Paper copies of the current will still be made available by contacting the section chair, Gary Towsley.


The by-laws for the section need to be reviewed and possibly changed to comply with suggestions from the national organization or to make the operation of the sectionís executive committee more efficient.Any change in the by-laws needs to be written in the sectionís newsletter prior to a business meeting in order for a vote on the proposal to take place.There was a brief discussion concerning the splitting of the Secretary/ Treasurer position into two positions.One position would be the Secretary.The other position would be that of section Treasurer including book sale supervision. Another suggestion to changing the by-laws was to allow the Second Vice-Chair to have two consecutive terms.


There was no new or old business at this meeting.Gary Towsley reiterated the appreciation of the Seaway Section to all the members of the joint meeting planning committee and our host institution, Marist College for an excellent program and facilities.






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