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Matthew G. Brin

Ph.D., 1977, University of Wisconsin-Madison
At Binghamton since 1978

Areas of interest: Geometric topology, Combinatorial group theory
Summary of research interests
Math Reviews list of published papers. (Institutional subscription to MathSciNet is needed for viewing.)

E-mail: matt@math.binghamton.edu
Phone: (607)-777-2384
Fax: (607)-777-2450

Reading list on Thompson's groups

Publication list

BibTeX entries for my publications as supplied by the AMS.

My ArXiv author identifier is http://arxiv.org/a/brin_m_1

Abbreivated Vita

Me, in what used to be a common pose.

A (very short) list of preprints that can be downloaded.

  1. Algebraic quotients of categories

Course notes that can be downloaded.

  1. Introductory notes on Seifert fibered 3-manifolds
    Notes for a one semester course. These now reside on the arXiv: (arXiv:0711.1346).

  2. Introductory notes on differential topology (105 kbytes, gzipped, dvi format). Notes for a half semester course to be presented by the students. There is also a postscript version (182 kbytes, gzipped) and a pdf version (431 kbytes). Lastly, there is a later set of notes in pdf format designed to be used with books by Milnor and Hirsh (contradicting what is actually said in the notes). These go up to a certain point and stop abruptly.

  3. Groups acting on 1-dimensional spaces (336 kbytes, gzipped, postscript format) (954 kbytes, pdf format ). Notes for a one semester course. These are very rough in spots and even embarrassing in others. I will not bother to point out where. They cover some material on the Gupta-Sidki constructions related to realizing Burnside groups as actions on infinite trees, and some material on Thompson's groups which also act (in some sense) on trees. The material was also used as an excuse to introduce certain constructs. The note are very spotty near the end, and end rather abruptly.

Some opinions of others I have collected.