Topology, Groups, and Loops

by Ivonne Ortiz
Binghamton University

Did you know that for a topologist there is no difference between a cup of coffee and a donut? In this talk, I would like to address this question and give you a feeling for what a topologist does. In particular, by playing around with loops, spheres and donuts, I will illustrate a branch of topology known as Algebraic Topology.

This talk is accessible at the sophomore level and above. All basic terms will be defined.

Ivonne Ortiz is currently studying for a Ph.D. at SUNY Binghamton with research focused on K-Theory and is expected to defend her dissertation in May of 2002. She received her B.A. in Mathematics in Colombia in 1996 and her M.A. from Binghamton in 1998, where she is a Fellow in the Preparing Future Faculty Program in the Department of Mathematical Sciences.